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IDG Contributor Network: As finserv companies lag in Win10 migration, are they exposed to attacks?

As is now well-known, many of the prime targets of the devastating WannaCry and Petya attacks were organizations that had – for various reasons – fallen behind with their software updates, including things like Windows operating system upgrades and critical patching.

If there is any one lesson from WannaCry, it’s the importance of staying current with software updates. The ramifications of not doing so are increasingly severe. IT security is now not just a matter for IT departments – it’s a board-level issue. CEO jobs are at risk when a company suffers from a big breach or cyberattack. 

Therefore, you would think that financial services companies, with their heavy investments in IT security and front-end systems, would be scrupulous about basics such as software updates. Back-end computer systems for financial institutions tend to be legacy oriented, meaning their software was likely originally installed 10 or more years ago – many are still running XP, which was the vulnerability point for many WannaCry victims.

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Oil Patch CRM

A recent story chilled me to the bone. The headline supplies all the reasons: “Saudi Arabia’s Grand Plan to Move Beyond Oil: Big Goals, Bigger Hurdles.” At first glance, this doesn’t ring any CRM bells, but maybe it should. Why would any business or business-state contemplate moving out of its sweet spot if it weren’t required to? What happens to the customers that have become dependent?

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Amazon May Disrupt Prescription Drug Space Next

The rumor that Amazon has set its sights on disrupting the pharmaceutical industry has gained greater currency recently, just months after the company set the grocery business on fire with its acquisition of Whole Foods, and in the midst of its widely publicized search for a second U.S. headquarters location. Amazon reportedly has taken major steps toward becoming a drug distributor and seller.

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